Is your Website Generating Enough Leads?

Your Website's Lead

As a business owner, you should be aware of the importance of your website in lead generation. Websites shouldn’t only function as online brochures, but should be optimized in order to help you fill your sales needs.

So, how do you know if your website is generating as many leads as it should, and whether you should be doing something more? Simple – a good old-fashioned checklist. Answer our 10 yes/no questions and find out.

#1: Is your homepage clear on what your business does and who your target audience is?

Yes ___ No ___

You want to make the best and clearest first impression, and the most common opportunity for that is through your website’s home page. Visitors should know what basic contents your website has just by looking at your homepage.

Make sure you treat each visitor as a prospect and provide them with all the information they need to navigate through your site should they require to order, make a comment, or simply browse.

#2: Is your website’s content written in a conversational tone?

Yes ___ No ___

Unless you’re writing legal documents, the best way to grab a reader’s attention and keep it is to write as if you were just hanging out over coffee. A suggestion feels more authentic if expressed in a way that makes your readers feel you’ve been through that issue before and the same solution worked for you.

#3: Does your website also educate its readers on top of giving product and service information?

Yes ___ No ___

Being too sale-y can make people suspicious of your content. It is a sound marketing strategy to provide your readers with more than just sales pitches.

Combine product info with complementing how-to articles, training videos, and the like. A website that can also be a resource center for credible information about its product or service attracts not just visitors, but fans.

#4: Do you optimize your website for top ranking in Google?

Yes ___ No ___

Google is still the most common way people search for product information or services. You help your customers find you by topping search engine rankings. To make sure your customers see your site when they search for your product on Google, pack your website with content that has keyword phrases mostly searched for by your customers. Linking out to reputable external websites can also be a huge help.

Your Website's Lead

#5: Is your website updated?

Yes ___ No ___

You want to provide your customers a reason to come back to your website. One way of doing this is to make sure you dish out fresh information on a regular basis. Stale content repels visitors.

Review your site every couple of weeks or so. Add an article here, remove a page there, make sure you present an up-to-date website to your customers.

#6: Do you have a call to action in each page of your website?

Yes ___ No ___

There are some websites that rely on their Contact Us page as a way for their customers to take action. Don’t. Give your prospects more encouragement by sprinkling calls to action here and there on your website.

#7: Are your calls to action relevant to any customer in any buying cycle?

Yes ___ No ___

Not all visitors that come to your site are already itching to purchase. Some are just doing basic research, others to browse.

Your calls to action should be able to address any and all of your prospects. You want them to reach out to you when they’re ready to purchase, but also in any stage of their buying cycle. You can attach an Ask Us page, downloadable guides, free trials, and more to your site to compel your prospects to keep you in mind.

#8: Do you have your contact information on every page of your website?

Yes ___ No ___

Your contact information should always be on every page of your site, at an area of the most visibility. You want your customers to pick up the phone and call you. What better way than making sure they see your numbers flash on their screen in each and every page of your site?

#9: Are your purchase forms short?

Yes ___ No ___

The point is to make it easier for your prospects to place an order or request a quote. If you have online forms longer than the Gettysburg address, your prospects are less likely to fill them out.

Keep your forms as basic as possible, only asking for the most important contact information – enough for your salespeople to start with.

#10: Do you have a system that makes sure inquiries made through your site get a decent and prompt follow-up?

Yes ___ No ___

If you are getting leads, but your salespeople take weeks to follow up a lead generated by your site, then you need to set up a process that will make sure you don’t miss any more inquiries.

Utilize a customer-relationship-management (CRM) system like ZohoCRM with your online forms and choose people that will follow-up your leads as soon as possible.

So is your website a lead generating machine? If you checked 7 out of 10, then yes. A 6 or lower means your site still needs a bit more TLC.

Need help in getting your site a 10/10 on the checklist? Our virtual assistants can show you how.

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