How a Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Help With Your Online Content Marketing Campaign

Virtual Marketing Assistant for your Online Content MarketingAs the internet marketing industry continues to grow bigger and bolder, several strategies on how to grow your online business keep on sprouting, too.  As this industry grows, it continues to get harder and harder to keep up with; a lot of people are using the advantages of outsourcing and hiring an offshore worker or are seeking  virtual assistant services.  Today, hiring a virtual marketing assistant is being put into consideration by both big and small companies because of the benefits it can provide them.

Outsourcing marketing is integrated in almost all online businesses these days.  As most of us know, link building is the one strategy which is believed to be the most effective way to make it big on the internet.  But hey, there’s something as immense as link building: it’s a thing called content marketing.

Content marketing is oftentimes neglected especially during the early phases of a site’s development.  Web designers settle for “good enough” content and just load their sites with fusty and inadequate stuff in order to comply with what is being asked from them.  They do not realize how content can lure or drive visitors to their site.

So what is content marketing really?

Content marketing, according to Wikipedia, is an umbrella term surrounding all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of contents for the purpose of winning both current and potential consumer foundation. It has to do with keeping the reader’s attention and improving brand loyalty.

Evocative content can persuade a visitor to spend more time on your site.  Not only that; if you couple content marketing with website seo services, making sure you have the appropriate keyword density, meta data, and related text, your site will start to rise in the search engines and become more visible to your target market.

So how should your content be like?

  • Virtual Marketing Assistant for your Online Content  MarketingYour content must be something that can build trust.  You can start by writing blogs, reviews, and testimonials.  In blogs, you can sort out your editorial thinking and it can be easily expanded and modified as content for articles and even e-books.  If you need help with your blog, you can always hire a virtual assistant for blog creation.

  • Your content must be something that can teach or train your site visitors.  Sharing your company’s heart in a documented form will entice visitors to follow the success of your business.  Giving them a clearer picture on what the business had gone through before finally making it to the higher level will help them realize the things they need to do in order to attain what you have. 

But how will you be able to manage such quality content if you are a web designer who is too preoccupied with the site’s designs and who’s not really into content writing?  Well, you can utilize the advantages of outsourcing by hiring a virtual assistant who can do the job. 
Here are the things you need to do to incorporate your virtual marketing assistant into your content marketing campaign:

  • Let your virtual assistant research for top article sites that target your market.   Let them create an account for each site.

  • Two or three unique article submissions for each site on a normal basis is essential.  Each article submission is being reviewed and then approved by the site where it was submitted, and each approved article has a corresponding notification. 

  • A social media virtual assistant can make some announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites about the newly-published article.

  • Because article marketing drives traffic to your site, make sure that your virtual assistant incorporates a resource on each article.  Resource box is a short biography of who you are and a link to your site where readers can get more information. 

There’s more to learn in order to make your content marketing campaign a success.  But before hitting that success you’ve been trying to achieve, start with the basics first by making use of the advantages of outsourcing by hiring a virtual assistant; not just an ordinary or personal virtual assistant but someone who can help you all throughout  with your content and online marketing plan.

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