How a Virtual Sales Assistant can Increase Your Sales

Hire a Virtual Sales Assistant to Increase Your SalesBeing busy does not mean you’re being productive. Just because you spend x amount of hours organizing your emails before getting on to the real serious job of managing your small business does not mean you have accomplished the most out of your day. With the help of a virtual sales assistant, a lot of your energy can be spent on things you enjoy about your business rather than what just needs done.

Here are some ways you can use a virtual assistant to help increase your sales.

Back office work. Following up on orders, managing your CRM, organizing emails; these are just three of the many back office duties that are absolutely necessary but do not need to be done by you. A virtual assistant can help you organize orders, send you reminders for follow up, inform you of your customer’s common complaints, etc. With these things out of the way, you’ll have more time to focus on your customers and bring in more to your business.

Calling out. Communication with your customers and possible leads can also be outsourced. A lot of virtual assistant services train their employees in dealing with customers over the phone and through email. When you have someone helping you out with phone calls, not only does the task get a bit lighter it also means you get to reach out to more of your customers.

alt=Social Media Leverage. Evidence point to the conclusion that social media is here to stay. With almost all new businesses using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help promote their business, creating accounts for your small business is a smart decision. And since small business owners do not have the time to maintain a social networking account, a virtual sales assistant can be a huge help in this area.

And if you have a brick and mortar business, you can take advantage of location-based social networks to help increase foot traffic going to your store.

Marketing. The ideal way to get people to know about your business is word of mouth. You want them to know about you because one of their friends heard and is raving about your service/product/etc. But let’s face it.  With multiple businesses out there offering pretty much the same thing, you need all you can get when it comes to marketing your business. And here, having a virtual assistant can be a huge advantage.

You can have your assistant create a website, create content for your website, publish press releases, or SEO your blog so it always pops first on Google searches. Marketing does not have to be expensive to work.

There’s always more to sales than just the number of customers you have done business with. A lot of factors come into play – marketing, back office tasks – and the more efficiently you are able to delegate tasks to the right people, the more effective and lucrative things turn out. If you’re serious about making every second count and boost your sales, it’s time to hire a virtual sales assistant.

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