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Virtual Assistant Inc. has established its name in the business process outsourcing industry. What started out as our business solution of outsourcing to virtual assistants has become a reason for us to help other business owners and individuals who have more work to do than time to do it. After years of presence in the industry, we have grown confident of our BPO solutions in providing our clients the help they need.

This blog is our way of sharing our experience and knowledge about virtual assistant outsourcing. Get updates on recent facts and figures on outsourcing as well as helpful tips for businesses and entrepreneurs involved or interested in outsourcing to virtual assistant.

Unlock the Door of Many Business Opportunities; Consider 6 Most Important Keys to a Good Customer Service

A quality customer service is said to be the lifeline of any business. Providing what is said to be a good customer service will promote a successful customer database and longevity for your business. It is therefore necessary to learn the keys to providing good customer service to get you closer to the doors of excellence.

Below is the list of important keys to treat your customers right and meet all their needs and expectations in a friendly manner. It will eventually unlock the door to many healthy opportunities for your business.

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Dealing with Difficult Customers: 6 Weapons to Kill their Anger or Disgust

It is common to receive phone calls from difficult customers who can be rude and intimidating, fault finders and constant complainers. Your biggest challenge is to learn how to effectively manage them. Your list of customer service skills should include an item called the ability to deal with a difficult customer.

Below is a list of practical tips which you can apply in dealing with difficult customers. Start practicing your patience now by going through these 6 valuable items:

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5 Things to Remember to Make Your Virtual Assistant Career Prosper

A particular venture becomes successful if you pour in hard work and preparation. Your positive outlook must begin during the early stages of the process and should be maintained throughout the life of your business.

This is a big challenge if you work as a home-based virtual assistant. How can you keep the fire burning when you are working on your own and you don’t have people to back you up, as in a traditional office work setting?

The answer lies in how you weigh the important things. When you know about the things that should be taken care of, you will have the peace of mind and the confidence needed to pursue.

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How to Become A VA: The Starting Point

Virtual Assistant for Blog Writing

Pursuit of Happiness

"If you are not happy or satisfied with something, try to look for something better."

Some might say that this idea is easier said than done. Giving up what you have at the moment involves risks. Being bold to face the challenges and uncertainties associated with career changes isn’t enough for luck to readily come to you. You need to plan your next moves in advance, similar to playing a chess match, in order to make sure you won’t struggle later on.

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Handle Them with Ease: Transforming Virtual Assistant Challenges to Success

Virtual Assistant for Blog WritingMistakes occur if you disregard some aspects of whatever you do, especially when you think they are irrelevant and unhelpful to your overall success. This often happens when you’re unfamiliar with how things really work. The same is true when you decide to become a virtual assistant. Since you are a starter in this field, you will be likely to commit the common mistakes others have committed. Challenges are factors you will always encounter in any given field, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time player. Since challenges are ever present, you can always think of ways to solve them before they pull you down. If you want to become a virtual assistant, below are some of the challenges that you may face, and the ways you can prepare and ultimately overcome them.

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