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  • Website Maintenance

    Do You Have Time to Properly Maintain Your Website?

    Virtual Assistant Services: Website Maintenance

    One of the many services that our virtual assistants provide is website maintenance. Effectively maintaining a commercial website requires a fair amount of time and attention. Failure to properly maintain your site can lead to serious issues such as server problems and loss of your domain name. Our team of virtual assistants are specially trained to be proactive and can help in a variety of applications to ensure your website is always up and running smoothly.

    Website Maintenance




    Inner Circle

    Monthly Contract Month to Month
    Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
    Total Hours per Month 20 Hours 40 Hours 80 Hours 160 Hours
    Total Hours per Week 5 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours 40 Hours
    Set Up Fee $59 $79 $129 $129
    Monthly Fee $340 $600 $1,040 $1,760
    Monthly Fee Breaks Down To: $17/hr $15/hr $13/hr $11/hr
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    Services Website Maintenance Include
    Content Management
    Website Edits & Updates
    Creating/Adding Webpages
    Basic Graphic Design
    Creating/Deleting Email Accounts
    Manage & Update Online Store
    File Upload/Download
    Support Client Support & Report
    Instant Message IM
    Qualifications Virtual Assistant Qualifications
    4 Year University Degree Computer Science
    160 Hours Pre-Training
    10 Hours / Month On-Going Training
    Customized Training
      Bronze Silver Gold Inner Circle
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    Areas of website maintenance that our team can assist you with include:

    • Updating the website
    • Content writing/editing
    • Server administration and support
    • Domain name registration and renewal
    • Email management and support
    • Forum/Blog comment moderation
    • Updating programs such as Word Press to the most recent versions

    Contact Information: All Required

    Services Interested In:

    General Tasks
    SEO Services
    Website Maintenance
    Accounting Services
    Web Development

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