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    New Virtual Assistant Service Offers Highly Skilled VA’s For Online Businesses

    May 19, 2008 Charleston, SC

    We are proud to announce the formation of a new virtual assistant service, VirtualAssistant.Org. This new service offers educated and well-trained virtual assistants to which growing businesses can delegate vital tasks and feel secure that their important projects are being completed professionally.VirtualAssistant.Org provides English speaking, American trained virtual assistants for website development, website maintenance and marketing support for online businesses.

    VirtualAssistant.Org is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with overseas offices located in the Philippines. This location was chosen because of the large pool of college graduates with degrees in computer science and because English is the common language used. After a rigorous pre-employment screening process, the selected VA’s are then placed in a comprehensive and continuous training program. Unlike many other VA services, VA’s at VirtualAssistant.Org don’t work from home; they work in a professional office setting that allows for more management support and greater accountability. Having used outsourcing themselves for the past 10 years has given the management team at VirtualAssistant.Org the experience to eliminate many of the problems associated with using virtual assistants.

    Their experience has allowed them to identify a need for VA’s that have a higher set of skills and provide a higher level of service. Many growing businesses don’t have the budget or space to hire additional full-time employees. Using skilled and exceptionally trained virtual assistants is an innovative and cost effective solution to staffing issues. Many virtual assistant services offer only elementary support such as making doctors appointments or performing basic accounting. VirtualAssistant.Org provides professional services in areas such as website development, graphic design, search engine optimization, link building and content writing for online businesses.

    Craig Donnelly, the founder of VirtualAssistant.Org, has used his past experience with outsourcing to develop a niche in the virtual assistant industry that wasn’t being provided by others. Regarding the companies unique services, Donnelly remarks “When I think of what we’re trying to do, Bill Graham’s elliptical quote concerning the Grateful Dead comes to mind: They’re not the best at what they do they’re the only ones that do what they do. I feel the same about what we’re trying to accomplish in this industry. No other virtual assistant business provides their workers with the training and management support that we do. My own experience with outsourcing has led me to the realization that there is a demand for highly skilled virtual assistants that is not currently being met. ”

    If you would like more information about this remarkable service, please visit or contact via email.

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