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    Craig Donnelly's SEO 2.0 Plan“I have used my SEO 2.0 Plan on my own 20 websites. The results? Top search engine positioning and domination of our targeted niches! We can help you to dominate your niche!"

    I build virtual businesses for myself. I own and operate over 20 websites from which I have generated over 20 Million Dollars from the sales of various products and services.

    This search engine optimization (SEO) services section of my website is my favorite part of because SEO is really my passion and core competency. There is no other part of internet marketing where there is so much upside potential with so little downside... only if you know what you are doing - and if you follow the rules. I have been studying, testing and refining my SEO system ever since I initially went online in 1999. Back then I was a Chiropractor who project lead my first website. Less than a year later I was bringing in $40K a month online while still practicing full time. Fast forward to today... I am currently a full time internet marketer, in reality, a digital business builder with several Million Dollars of online sales a year. I build businesses. I own and operate over 20 websites from which I have generated over 20 virtua Million Dollars from the sales of various products and services. People who know me will confirm that I frequently say, "I have to launch websites!".I have to because I need to test my SEO strategies and ideas. Starting with a "clean slate" so to speak affords me the ability to see things that I otherwise wouldn't if I were to continue to go back over the same site again and again. Once I receive confirmation that a SEO tactic or strategy has influenced multiple websites of mine through increased search engine rankings and/or increased unique visitors to my website(s)... I then pass the knowledge forward in the form of systematized training to our virtual assistants. I invite you to review the various SEO packages I have listed below... these are the very same SEO deliverables my VAs implement on my own websites. Let's just say I am my own guinea pig. Once I prove that my SEO works on my own business... I offer the service to my clients... and now, to you.”

    No where to go but up!

    Craig Donnelly
    CEO, Virtual Assistant, Inc

    SEO Services





    Inner Circle

    Total Cost (6 Months)
    Final price adjusted using Google Adword's KW competition factor.
    $2,100 $3,822 $6,450 $9,582 $14,250
    Total Number of Man Hours 97 HRS 186 HRS 331 HRS 518 HRS 838 HRS
    Total Hours per Week 4 HRS 8 HRS 14 HRS 22 HRS 35 HRS
    Hourly Rate $21.65 $20.5 $19.45 $18.5 $17
    Minimum Links per Week 6 Links 24 Links 48 Links 72 Links 108 Links
    1 Hour Consultation with Virtual Assistant CEO
    1.5 Hour Monthly Internet Marketing Session Conference Call
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    Optimization On Page Optimization
    Keyword Research - Primary Keywords 2 4 8 12 18
    Keyword Research - Secondary Keywords 4 16 32 48 72
    Number of HTML Pages 1 2 4 6 9
    Title Tag Optimization
    Robots.txt Optimization
    Internal Cross-link Optimization
    Header tag Optimization
    Off Page Optimization Off Page Optimization: Web 2.0, Social Media and Website Promotion
    Authority Website Promotion
    Competitor Profiling 2 4 6 10 10
    Lowest Common Denominator Promotion
    Directory Submission
    Authority Directory Submission
    Relevant On Topic Blog Promotion
    Social Bookmarking
    Local Search Engine Promotion
    Customer Review Promotion
    Niche Forum Promotion
    Press Release Submission
    RSS Feed Submission
    Photo Sharing
    Twitter Marketing
    Facebook Fan Page Promotion
    PowerPoint Presentation Submission
    Video Marketing
    Reports Reports Include
    Keyword Research
    Real Time Status Reporting
    Monthly Ranking Report
    Google Analytics
    Competitive Backlink Profile
    Lowest Common Denominator Analysis
      Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Inner Circle
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