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  • Online Reservations Turns Property Cash Flow Positive


    Tasks used in the following virtual assistant services turn around private real estate investment properties from negative to positive cash flow.

    Results Include:
    • 330 rental requests in month of August, 2008.
    • Positive cash flow on investment property.
    • Eliminated all property management advertising fees.

    SEO Results

    Business Model:

    Private real estate investor relying on local property management company to advertise and fill reservations for vacation rental properties in Folly Beach, SC.


    Initial Problems and Goals

    • Not enough rental inquiries from property management advertising to maintain positive cash flow.
    • Rental properties are sitting empty during majority of busy season.
    • Increase property advertising exposure to vacation renter market.
    • Increase rental inquiries.
    • Maintain positive net cash flow from generated from renters.

    Most Important Skilled Tasks Performed


    Keyword analysis identified the following top 5 phrases to be the 5 highest search terms in major search engines for users likely to rent a vacation home in Folly Beach, SC.

    • Folly Beach Rentals
    • Folly Beach House Rentals
    • Folly Beach Vacation Rental
    • Folly Beach Oceanfront Rentals
    • Folly Beach Vacation Rentals

    Combined searches performed for all significant keywords

    • 1300 daily searches - Beginning of OFF-season (fluctuates)
    • 2600 daily searches - Beginning of ON-season (fluctuates)
    Web Development:

    Some web development work was necessary to integrate SEO into a website provided by a third party. Following SEO integration was performed:

    • Customize page generation code to make listings appear in search engines
    • Redesign website architecture
    • Create on-page optimization
    • Perform link building
    • Create internal cross linking within the website

    Results Obtained

    Search Engine Results:

    On page optimization, off page optimization, cross linking, effective website architecture and certain aspects of the Niche Website System ™ (a combination of web development, marketing and SEO provided only by Virtual Assistant, Inc.) contribute to the following organic search engine placement results at the time of posting this case study.

    Keyword Search PhraseGoogle ResultsYahoo Results MSN Results
    Page Listing # Page Listing # Page Listing #
    Folly Beach House Rentals 1 #1 local, 3 regular 1 #1 1
    #1 and 2
    Folly Beach Rentals 1 #1 local, 1 regular 1 #2 and 3 1 #1 and 2
    Folly Beach Vacation Rental 1 #1 local, 1 regular 1 #2 1 #3 and 4
    Folly Beach Oceanfront Rentals 1 #6 1 #3 and 4 1 #1 and 2
    Folly Beach Vacation Rentals 1 #1 and 2 1 #1 and 2 1 #1 and 2
    SEO Search Engine Results
    Rental Reservation Conversions:

    With top ranking search engine exposure to 2500 potential renters each day, converting visitors to make inquiries or reservation requests is a soft sell. Intuitive usability to search properties, make inquiries and reservations is all that is needed to keep all properties in the rental system completely booked every year. When new properties are added to the website, point of contact for the properties consistently comment about over abundance of inquiries and reservation requests. It generally takes about 2 weeks to book the property for the entire season.

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