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  • New Outsourcing Options Lower the Cost of Online Businesses

    Specifically Trained Virtual Assistants Fill a New Service Niche Geared Toward Internet Marketing

    A new frontier in business resource has emerged and is fast becoming the most valuable asset for your success. The internet has bridged the global gap, giving you the ability to find valuable resources for your business that were previously unavailable. The most revolutionary commodity is the Virtual Assistant.

    A Virtual Assistant or V.A. is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to authors, small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, online businesses, sales professionals, executives and others who have more work than they can handle. With the right organization the services that can be provided are endless.

    Many companies are offering services to pair businesses with Virtual Assistants. There is much more to success than finding just any Virtual Assistant. Their training and equipment play an essential role in their ability to contribute to your business success.

    So where do you start and how do you know that you’re getting a quality V.A.? A valuable resource for both Virtual Assistants and the businesses that need them is This is an incredible organization designed to provide you with the tools that are needed to succeed with a Virtual Assistant.Virtual is unlike any other V.A. service that’s on the market. What sets them apart from the competition is the control over the variables that cause most services to fail. Many services merely match a V.A. with a business, not considering the technology or appropriate skills best for your organization. Virtual makes sure an incredible amount of training goes into each of their V.A.s to ensure high standards. The V.A.s that work with this organization are provided with cutting edge computer equipment and programs. They are stationed in premium office spaces with a manager to ensure the quality of their work and experience with you.

    When I asked the owner of , Craig Donnelly, what spurred the development of the organization he explained their mission:

    “Our goal at VirtualAssistant.Org is not to just enter into a series of transactions with clients, but to develop and maintain a partnership with our clients to help them achieve their goals. In today’s fast paced electronic age, independent entrepreneurs need reliable support to stay organized and maintain profitability. We keep you ahead of the game by offering innovative office support for the 21st century.”

    In essence, the Virtual Assistant has leveled the playing field for the small business. Having a Virtual Assistant work on your projects saves you time, money on overhead, enables you to compete in larger market and will take your productivity to the next level. Just remember, that not all VAs are trained equally. Having a one of a kind asset like that is devoted to bringing the best resources to your business is a necessity for your success.

    If you’d like more information about hiring a Virtual Assistant, please contact at

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