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  • Million Dollar Niche Product Website


    New niche product launch earns over $1 Million in first year. Success relies solely on website for sales and leads, using strategies and techniques from virtual assistant services below.

    Results Include:
    • Top ranking in major search engines
    • Build network of reseller dealers
    • $1.1 Million gross sales during 1st year

    SEO Results

    Business Model:

    Niche product line of dehumidifiers sold through:

    • online sales
    • phone sales generated by online leads
    • network of dealers recruited 100% from website generated leads

    Initial Problems and Goals

    • Need to sell a product to a market in which few people know such a product exists.
    • New product launch budget limited to online marketing
    • Establish new brand
    • Educate market about the product
    • Recruit dealer network
    • Generate online leads and sales

    Most Important Skilled Tasks Performed


    Keyword analysis identified the following top 5 phrases to be the 5 highest search terms in major search engines for users likely to need a dehumidifier for their crawlspace.

    • crawl space dehumidifiers
    • crawl space dehumidifier
    • crawlspace dehumidifiers
    • crawlspace dehumidifier

    Lesser targeted yet significant terms include:

    • dehumidifier
    • dehumidifiers
    • crawlspace
    • crawl space
    • humidex
    • vapor barrier
    • (thousands of combinations and variations of above terms)

    Strategy for SEO of this website uses niche marketing. The website is optimized for terms that are very specific to the niche. Number of daily searches for these keywords will be moderate or small, but conversion of the users searching will be very high. The Niche Website System is set up to capture a high number of the long tail terms that are very related to the niche theme of the website. Long tail keyword phrases may only have 1 or 2 daily searches for each, but there are thousands of different combinations of these long tail phrases.

    Success of the Niche Marketing System is signified by:

    • Low bounce rate
    • High average time on site
    Web Development:

    The following development was performed in order to create a new niche marketing website with integrated SEO. Extensive sales, marketing content was developed to educate a large market that is searching for solutions to its crawlspace problems but is unaware of the product and how it addresses the problems. Additionally content and graphics were developed to create brand awareness and build confidence in the brand.

    • Apply graphic layout and branding to Niche Website System ™ template.
    • Install forms to capture subscriber list for additional marketing efforts.
    • Integrate videos into content.
    • Install audio sales message.
    • Create various non-technical illustrations and charts showing.
      • product benefits
      • what happens without product
      • how to install product
      • product specifications
      • how to choose product size
    • Perform photo finishing and editing for product/environment images.
    • Install secure third party shopping cart.

    Results Obtained

    Search Engine Results:

    To establish a new product brand "Dri-Crawlspace" to a market that only includes a small percent of people who are even aware of the crawl space dehumidifier product niche, the website is optimized for long tail keyword phrases that describe the crawl space related problems that the product solves as well as keywords for the "crawlspace dehumidifier" product niche. The result of this strategy captures the small audience actually searching for crawl space dehumidifiers as well as people performing research for their crawlspace problems that can be addressed using the product.

    SEO Search Engine Results

    Keyword Search Phrase

    Google Results

    Yahoo! Results

    MSN Results

    Page Listing # Page Listing # Page Listing #
    crawl space dehumidifiers 1 #1 & #2 1 #1 & #2 1 #1
    crawl space dehumidifier 1 #1 1 #1 & #2 1 #1
    crawlspace dehumidifiers 1 #1 & #2 1 #1 & #2 1 #1 & #2
    crawlspace dehumidifier 1 #1 & #2 1 #1 & #2 1 #1 & #2

    Google analytics illustrates intenet marketing and SEO results.
    Here is a breakdown of the market captured by the SEO efforts of on September 15, 2008.

    • 81 highly targeted visitors who are searching for the products within the niche "crawl space dehumidifier".
    • 37 visitors searching for the larger category of products "dehumidifier".
    • 199 visitors researching crawlspace related problems that the product addresses.
    Subscriber lists:

    If visitors do not follow calls to action to buy the products, there are alternate calls to action for people not sure about buying. This list is an opt-in list that sends marketing material to the visitor in separate increments. Between website launch in May, 2007 and September 2008, there have been 1,348 subscribers.

    Resellers, distributors or dealers provide a big boost for product sales. For this product, Resellers are often contractors who install the crawlspace dehumidifier product into the end user's home. Resellers provide repeat business and greatly improve overall sales. An opt-in subscriber list is used to collect information and market to new reseller leads. Between website launch in May, 2007 and September 2008, there have been 86 subscribers on the distributor list.

    Sales Conversions:

    All sales are conducted either

    • online as transactions placed by website visitors
    • over incoming phone calls from visitors who call the number advertised on the website
    • in response to leads generated by visitors who use the website contact form

    Year 1: Gross Sales May 2007 - May 2008 = $1.1 Million

    Total Gross Sales May 2007 - September 2008 = $1.6 Million

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