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    8 Ways We use Facebook and Twitter To Grow Your Business

    8 Ways We use Facebook and Twitter To Grow Your Business

    Our Twitter and Facebook service helps build your online and offline following. We cover everything you'll need to get into social media marketing effectively. We'll build your reputation within the community and expand awareness of your products and services.

    8 Ways We use Facebook and Twitter To Grow Your Business

    1. Our Twitter and Facebook Service Will Help Build Your Offline following: We encourage you to publish your Twitter and Facebook address on all print media including; direct mailings, newsletters, business card and every other offline marketing piece. Put your addresses everywhere.

    2. We Will Grow Your Online following: We will use Twitter and Facebook to search to find relevant conversations that we can jump into about your product category and/or service.

    3. We Help Build Your Online Reputation: The larger your Twitter following and Facebook network the more people will hear about you. Your online reputation will grow as your network grows.

    4. We Will Protect and Manage Your Online Reputation: We will encourage your Twitter followers and Facebook Network to leave testimonials and positive things to say on your website and other places online.

    Facebook and Twitter Marketing

    5. Twitter and Facebook Can Be Used To Conduct Free Market Research: We will Listen in on conversations about your general industry and perform free market research to see what people want/don't want by conducting Twitter and Facebook polls and quizzes to get your followers opinions.

    6. We Will Position Your Company / Website as The Authority In Your Niche: We use Facebook and Twitter to Meet your industry influencers. By merely joining in a conversation with them you will begin to be viewed as an authority in your niche just by associating with them.

    7. Increase Your Product / Service Sales by soft-selling to your following: We use relationship building with your followers and network by posting and tweeting about industry information that is entertaining so that when you are ready to send your following an offer they are receptive to you offer.

    8. Increase Your Search Engine Rankings: Google's and Bing's search algorithms are based upon inbound links to your website. Popularity or Facebook and Twitter activity that references your website will cause your search engine rankings to go up.

    Facebook and Twitter Marketing





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    Hourly Cost $20/hour $19/hour $18/hour $17/hour $16/hour
    Total Cost of Plan $750 $1,500 $1,800 $2,400 $3,000
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    Services Facebook and Twitter Marketing Servces
    Facebook Fan Page Creation
    Twitter Account Creation
    Themed Content Creation (Related To Your Website)
    Facebook Fans (Total per Plan) 90 180 300 415 545
    Twitter Followers (Total per Plan) 90 180 300 415 545
    Relevant Content For FB Posting
    Relevant Tweets For Twitter Posting
    Keyword relevant postings and tweets
    Number of Posts / Tweets 5/week 10/week 15/week 16/week 17/week
    Twitter Background Design
    Facebook Photo Album Creation
    Facebook Video Uploads
    Facebook FBML Page
    Replying / ReTweeting
    Facebook Quiz / Polls (3rd party application)
    Reports ( Weekly)
    Advanced Analytics
    Phone Contact / VA Account Rep
    Chat (Yahoo, Google, Bing)
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