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  • Craig Donnelly

    Our Virtual Assistant, Inc. Management Team

    Craig Donnelly CEO

    Craig Donnelly is a pioneer in internet marketing. Craig has led a long line of successful internet businesses from conception, through start-up, to sector domination. His success is due greatly to a combination of effective search engine positioning techniques working in unison with online marketing strategies.

    Craig's brand of search engine marketing goes far beyond the usual textbook Search Engine Marketing strategies. Classic Dan Kennedy style direct response marketing, list building, lead generating techniques and clever marketing tactics infused into search engine optimization gives Craig's businesses a step up over the competition.

    Search engine marketing techniques developed by Craig work for a wide range of businesses.

    • Healthcare Services
    • Air Quality Control Products
    • Air Monitoring Systems Marketing and Sales
    • Dehumidification Marketing and Sales
    • Information Product Marketing and Sales
    • Internet Marketing Consulting
    • Medical Equipment Marketing and Sales
    • Software Development
    • Tourism Promotion
    • Real Estate Marketing and Sales
    • Vacation Rentals

    Craig personally owns and operates businesses in the categories listed above. The techniques used in Craig's internet businesses are taught to our virtual assistants in order to maintain and develop his new businesses. These same virtual assistants are available for you. By using services offered here at, you are literally gaining the help from the same highly trained employees who have aided in the success of Craig's own business ventures.

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