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  • Accounting Services

    Corporate or Small Business: Affordable, Convenient and Secure

    Virtual Assistant Accounting Services

    If you do your own financial bookkeeping, remove a huge burden from your office and outsource your accounting to a virtual assistant who is an expert at bookkeeping for small businesses.

    If you are tempted to use a local CPA, offshoring your accounting is an affordable alternative. Our affordable bookkeeping outsourcing services cost less and provide the same results.

    Accounting Services




    Inner Circle

    Monthly Contract Month to Month
    Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
    Total Hours per Month 20 Hours 40 Hours 80 Hours 160 Hours
    Total Hours Per Week 5 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours 40 Hours
    Set Up Fee $59 $79 $129 $129
    Monthly Fee $340 $600 $1,040 $1,760
    Monthly Fee Breaks Down To: $17/hr $15/hr $13/hr $11/hr
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    Services Accounting Services Include
    Payroll Administration
    Invoice Processing
    Accounts Receivable
    Customer Billing
    Payment Follow Through
    Pricing Research & Comparison
    Bank Reconciliation
    Data Entry
    Utility Bill Payment
    Bank Wire Processing
    Expense Reports
    Support Client Support & Reporting
    Instant Message IM
    Qualifications Virtual Assistant Qualifications
    4 Year University Degree
    Certified CPA
    160 Hours Pre-Training
    10 Hours / Month On-Going Training
    Customized Training
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    Virtual Assistants providing financial accounting services employ the same security and communication features of all our other VAs, giving you continuous support, flexible availability, American management, security of data and excellent work ethic backed by computer monitoring.

    Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Include:

    • Maintain Accounts Receivable
    • Maintain Accounts Payable
    • Payroll Services
    • Create and Update Financial Reports ...and more.

    Contact Information: All Required

    Services Interested In:

    General Tasks
    SEO Services
    Website Maintenance
    Accounting Services
    Web Development

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